Monday, February 2, 2015

Snow Monkeys

The day we left our ski trip in Nagano, we drove 20 minutes down the mountain to the Jigokundani Snow Monkey Park! This was like checking off a box on my childhood dream come true list! Even though you can't (and don't want to) touch these monkeys, it was amazing seeing them in their environment and standing right next to them. I smiled the entire time…

We didn't realize that once you park in the parking lot there was a never-ending hill of packed ice to get to the monkeys. Will and I being from the south are not well stocked in the snow shoes department so needless to say we fell a few times. The sign on our gorgeous snowy trail said we walked 1.6 Km but I am determined we walked to China and back. At least the views were worth it...

Once we made it to the top where the monkeys lived, I could not get over how fascinating it was that this was their home. Every direction you turned there was beauty. 

After we paid for our tickets and walked through the entrance, automatically we were surrounded by the monkeys. They are so used to human presence and go about their business as if you aren't there. I took a million pictures, but here are some of my favorites. 

The hot spring water temperature is 106 degrees!

Check that off the bucket list! We had the most amazing time and feel so blessed to live in a country where this is possible! After our long weekend of skiing, getting to know more friends and playing with the snow monkeys, we were so ready to get back to base. 

Until our next adventure! 

Much love,

Caroline and Will 

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