Sunday, February 1, 2015

Ski Trip

Even though it has been YEARS since Will or myself have been skiing, we were so excited to go on our Squadron Ski trip to Nagano. We have known about this ski trip since November when we found out we were coming to Japan and could not believe it was already time to go. Nagano is North in the mountains and only took us about 4 hours to get there. 

Our sweet friends from our squadron offered to drive us since we still didn't have our license and you also needed chains on your tires to get through the snow. We had the best time getting to know them on our trip and it was our first time getting to sight see from the roads. 

Once we got up the mountain you could tell it had recently snowed…a lot. It was so pretty! We couldn't drive our cars to the lodge because of all the snow so we had to park and use little sleds to pull our luggage as we walked. 

The resort we stayed in was called Villa Aspen and it looked like it was from the 70's. The Japanese man who owned and ran it was nicknamed "Captain" and he was honestly the nicest man we have met here. He takes so much pride in his lodge and loves when Americans come to stay. The ski lodge we were staying in was about 50 yards from the first ski lift which was so different and so nice.

Will and I had the best time getting know everyone in the squadron more and getting to ski with them as well. Will picked it up a little faster then I did, but then again he also was a little more daring then I was. Majority of the time we were on the slopes, Will was covered in snow from the falls he took. I'm not saying I didn't fall because I absolutely did, but I would say Will takes the prize on most falls for the weekend. Here are a few pictures from the weekend! 

Now its time to rest and ice our sore bodies…hanging up the skis for a while but had the best weekend with everyone! 

Caroline and Will 

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