Thursday, March 26, 2015

Guam Trip!

Hafa Adai everyone! 

This means "hello" in Chamorro, the native language of Guam. I have had an amazing few weeks relaxing on that beautiful island and I'm going to try and get through this post without crying since I'm now back in Japan.

Wills squadron traveled to Guam for training purposes. They use an island off of Guam for bomb practice and fly most every day to get ready for deployment. Now if you have never seen or heard of Guam, let me help you find it on a map since it is microscopic. 

Will left for Guam on Thursday March 5 and will be there until the 30th. Now, one of the perks of being a Navy wife is having the option to use a flight called Space A. This stands for space available and means exactly what it sounds like. Its a free flight for wives and families and you basically show up to the terminal on base, in hopes you can grab an extra seat on the plane of your destination. On Monday March 9, myself along with 2 other wives in the squadron got on a flight headed straight to Guam. It was only a 3 hour flight and it was FREE! How does that even happen!?

My friend Katie and son Joshua headed to our plane!
So while we are on the subject of things being free…the squadron all got their own rooms at the Westin in Guam for…drum roll please…


The Westin was so nice and was directly on the beach. For those of you who are really hating Winter right now and do not want to be jealous, I advise you to look away at these next few pictures. 

Guam is commonly called "an ugly Hawaii" and to be honest I get it now. The beaches are amazing but if you venture into parts of town it does surprise you. Luckily if you know me at all you know I was parked on the beach everyday, so that didn't bother me one bit. 

Wills schedule was all over the place, as usual, but for the most part he was on base a lot. This left me on the beach, in the sun, relaxing alone….darn. 

With 2.5 weeks of details and pictures, I'm going to try and condense the trip as best as I can. 

1. We snorkeled in front of the hotel a few times and also a place called Gab Gab Beach 

2. We saw beautiful sunsets on the beach and from a place called Two Lovers Point

3. We celebrated Wills 26th birthday at a restaurant called Roys with incredible food 

4. My friend Morgan and I went on a Sea Turtle tour…amazing!

5. Got to experience some more fun and interesting people watching!

My friend Jess with the Pineapples

Maybe some honeymoon pictures?

Wednesday March 25 I went back to the airport in hopes of catching a plane back to Japan. When we got to the terminal we saw that every other wife had the same idea and most had kids with them. This took up the Space A seats pretty fast, and to be honest I really wasn't going to be too upset getting stuck in Guam for a few extra days. After missing the first flight out we heard that there was another flight leaving later that day. Since I was already packed up and at the airport with no transportation back to the hotel, it only made sense to go ahead and leave. We made it back to Japan later that night. Leaving Guam the temperature was in the 80's and getting back to Japan the temperature was 45…no thank you. 

Overall the trip was amazing and went by far too fast. Never in my life did I ever think I would travel to Guam! The more I miss home or wish I was back in the states, I remind myself of these amazing opportunities that I have been able to experience. Guam was never on my list of places to travel but I am so thankful that I had this chance to see it. Also being able to see Will everyday was a plus being that May is approaching and deployment is coming! 

My first Space A experience went great and this summer some wives and I are going to travel to Okinawa, Japan and Seoul, South Korea for some shopping! Being a military wife can actually be fun sometimes! 

Love you all!

Caroline and Will