Sunday, October 25, 2015

Mid-Cruise Break

I would be lying if I didn't say I was sad once I was back in Japan missing my family back home, but I wasn't sad for long because another special reunion was coming. Every deployment in Japan they do something called a Mid-cruise break when the guys come home for a few weeks. I planned my return back to Japan knowing I would only want about a week to recover before seeing Will again. My excitement, along with every other wife/significant other here in Japan, was overwhelming. We could not wait to hear that jet noise again and see our men! 

The guys come back in waves and since Will didn't come in until the end of the week, I went to the hangar and took pictures for some of my friends. Getting to experience the children seeing their dads again was precious. It really puts in perspective how much these families sacrifice and how strong these moms are out here! 

With Will being one of the newest pilots, he walked off the boat and took a bus to base where we were all waiting! Of course the bus that Will came in on was the absolute last bus, so I was beyond ready to see him! 

Even Tubbs and Lily sent their love from the U.S.

We got 2 weeks together and we spent them very busy! The first weekend he was home we went to dinner with friends, played some golf and relaxed. 

Only in Japan, this is how you do dinner
The next week, Will and I had the most incredible trip planned. The 2015 Presidents Cup happened to fall over the same time Will was home and strangely enough it was in South Korea…a 2 hour flight from where we live. 

How does that happen?

Our sweet friends who I used to babysit for in Virginia Beach, the Leishmans, got us tickets because Marc was playing in the tournament on the International team! We not only got to watch golf everyday but we had the VIP treatment with our guest passes. Marc and Audrey, you will never understand how grateful we are for making this possible. We had the most amazing time and I think for Wills first golf tournament…he is now extremely spoiled. 

We followed Marc the whole tournament

So many people!  
Marc after he beat Jordan Speith!

Try and spot the American

18th Green

After America won! 
We got back on a Monday night and needless to say we were pretty exhausted. Will only had 2 days left before having to get back on the boat and he worked one of those days. Well when I say work, this is a day at the office for him…

Will flying over Mount Fuji
Like it always does, our time quickly came to an end. In Japan it seems to go pretty slow when your waiting to see your husband and then when you are together it flies by. Even though it was short lived, we had the most incredible time together and can now check Presidents Cup in South Korea off our list! This last part of the deployment isn't very long for us either so I am already looking forward to our next adventures…Christmas in Vietnam and Thailand! 

Will, I love you and think of you everyday! Can not wait to be together again soon to make some more memories.