Thursday, May 5, 2016

Home Sweet Home

After a 2 hour bus ride to the Tokyo airport, a 14hr flight to Minneapolis, a 2 hour delay because of Tornados touching down in Raleigh (so random), another 2 hr flight to North Carolina and finally a 20 minute car ride...I was home! My sister Elkie, my mom, Liam and Bennett picked me up and after 2 days of travel I couldn't have been more excited. I was a zombie but nothing could have made that moment more special. 

The next few days/weekends were a blur. I got to catch up with my family, all the Cravens, my friends and of course my fur baby Tubbs. 

Wills parents got to fly out to Fallon, Nevada to visit him while he was training. They haven't seen each other since Will and I left Raleigh in December 2014, so needless to say there was major catching up to do. I of course felt like I was missing out a little bit, but this meant I got to keep Tubbs at my parents house for a while and get some more time with my family as well. I would say I threw the ball or the frisbee for Tubbs about 12 times a day and walked him as well. Definitely reminded me how much energy this boy has and how incredibly thankful we are to have parents who keep him while were gone. Nancy and Tommy...ya'll are saints and we love you! 

All smiles in Fallon! 

Here are more pictures from my trip including Tubbs of course, family, and Easter week at the beach! 

Just like my last trip, this one came to an end WAY too fast. Saying goodbye this time was a little harder being that Christmas will be the earliest I am home or see anyone again. I have never been away from my family this long ever so I know it is going to be a challenge! Thank God for FaceTime and family who doesn't leave each other alone...I know I will talk to everyone a lot. Thank you to everyone who made my trip so special. I am so thankful that I have a family and have friends that make leaving home so hard for me. I already can't wait to see y'all again, whenever that may be!!! 

Back to Japan to get a few weeks with my hubby before he deploys again! 

Love you all so much! 

xoxo Caroline