Saturday, February 28, 2015

February Wrap Up

February has come and gone. So crazy how time is flying! Will and I have been in Japan for 2 months now which is mind blowing. Heres a February recap and wrap up…as always we have been pretty busy! 

Valentines weekend Will made reservations at an Italian restaurant in the city of Yokohama. He knew I would love this because I will eat Italian any day of the week. I was thrilled to go and to having a night away from fried rice or ramen is always a plus! Yokohama is only about a 30 minute train ride so getting there was super easy. The food was amazing and the view was incredible. From dinner we took a taxi to the Landmark Tower down the street which is 69 floors high. We took the elevator to the observation room at the top and what we saw was amazing. I hate that you can only see it in pictures because they honestly don't do it justice. 

Had to beg Will for this picture

After a wonderful first Valentines day/night in Japan, we decided to keep the fun going by exploring more places that weekend. Sunday afternoon we got on a train and headed to the town of Enoshima. This town is south and is where you will find the beach! We were so excited to see sand and the ocean, it had been way too long for us. The aquarium is also on the beach so being the tourist we are, we did that first.

Oh hey ray!

Enoshima turned out to be so fun. After the aquarium we walked across a bridge and up a hill where there were food and clothing vendors everywhere. At the top of this hill there is another Shrine known as the Jinja shrine. We didn't get to walk through it this time because we got there too late, but that will happen in April and will be on another post soon! Regardless, it was still beautiful from the front and we already look forward to heading back this spring. 

After a fun-filled, exhausting weekend its only natural to go home and relax all week. Right?


On top of all our busy weekends of travel, Will and I decided to MOVE OFF BASE! We found a house we loved in the neighborhood where all of our friends in our squadron live. Luckily we didn't have any of our furniture yet so the move wasn't all that bad. More of the issue is the goose chase the housing office sends you on to get all the correct paper work finished before your move.    Our furniture shipment comes in this Wednesday, March 4 so once I can make this house look like a home I will put pictures up and give you the tour. 

Since we now needed more furniture pieces, Will and I made the trip to IKEA. You think Charlottes IKEA is big? Ya'll, Japan IKEA is on a whole other level. It is absolutely huge with furniture everywhere, but in the most organized way. Its unreal in the best way. We got a few good pieces for the new house, and someone had a little too much fun I would say…

On our way back from IKEA we got a tad bit lost. We knew it was bound to happen at some point, and being that IKEA is an hour away I really wasn't surprised. We saw what looked like a good place to eat so we pulled over to get some food and figure out where we were. Turned out to be a great decision! 

Guess which ones are the Americans
The food here was probably the best I have had since living here. We had delicious Ramen and football sized Gyoza all for under 20 dollars! Jackpot. I love that living in Japan and getting lost here just means more adventures and wonderful surprises. What a cool life we live. 

This next week is going to be busy as well because Will leaves for the Island of Guam this Thursday for training. It is so exciting because I am going to go as well and get some sunshine, but its also a little bittersweet because this means deployment is on its way! Please pray for safe travels and for peace as we lead up to experiencing our first deployment this May! I can't wait to write my next post because it will be from Guam with sunshine, sand and the ocean. Also known as…paradise. 

Love you all,

Caroline and Will