Sunday, April 26, 2015


Im back! 

Sorry to sound so repetitive when I say…we have been so busy this month and I know I have been MIA once again. I wanted to wait until we we got through all of our events so I had a lot to update you on. Every weekend in the month of April we had something to do so here we go…

This month I started teaching english to 6 different Japanese students of all different ages. One of the wives in my squadron, and a wonderful new friend of mine, is leaving to move back to the states this summer and has passed along her classes to me. I do private lessons with each of them, mainly in my home for an hour a week. I have loved every second of it and I am so excited to teach them and also learn from them at the same time. 

April 4 we had a baby shower for my sweet friend Liz. She and I met back in Virginia Beach before coming to Japan, and I can honestly say she has made my transition so wonderful. Since she has helped me so much I couldn't wait to throw her a baby shower with 2 other wives in the squadron. It was small and intimate and absolutely perfect. We can't wait to meet baby girl Murphy in May! 

The next day was Easter Sunday, and after watching a favorite pastor online Will and I went to play golf with a few other couples. The weather was beautiful, including the amazing Cherry Blossom trees, and we had the best time even though the golfing wasn't something to brag about. I guess if you can't play well, at least look the part? 

Cherry Blossoms trees on base!

April 11 was a random Thursday that myself along with 3 other wives decided to head to Tokyo. We went to eat lunch at the Max Brenner Chocolate Bar in Omotesando Hills. It sounded pretty harmless and something we could handle no problem, but to say we had too much chocolate in an understatement. Spontaneous girls trips to Tokyo are way too much fun…

Chocolate Milkshake...

3 Chocolate Fondue Set 
Nutella Chocolate Crepe

Chocolate overdose!
April 17 was one of the most interesting experiences of my life. Will and I went with 2 other couples to Tokyo's Robot Bar. There is no way I can begin to explain this show. It was the most bizarre and wonderful production with loud noises, tremendous Robots and neon lights flashing everywhere. I took some pictures but I recommend looking it up on the internet and seeing if you can find some videos. These won't do it justice…

Totally normal

The next day we had an event called Zama Crawl. Every year our squadron, along with other squadrons, get together and go house to house in full costume depending on the theme. Its really just another reason to get everyone together and have a good time because…why not? The theme this year was Back to the Future and the costumes were great. Will decided to be crazy Doc Brown from the movie and I was a glow in the dark futuristic woman with my other friends. (Not really sure how we thought of it.) We started at 4pm and didn't get home until midnight…we were exhausted but it was worth it! 

Futuristic Women

April 20 was the start of Badman Week. Every spring we have a week of sporting competition between squadrons on base. It is mainly for the guys but the wives got to play dodgeball against each other. Will played flag football and Softball on Monday, and golf on Wednesday. I played dodgeball on Thursday and sadly both the guys and the wives won nothing. If you know my family you know that we don't take competition lightly so I wasn't too thrilled but we still had a lot of fun. 

Little muddy...

Best Golf attire
I did not buy him that shirt
Lady Diamondbacks!

You done listening to our busy month yet? 

Well theres more…

Wednesday night of badman week we had an Airwing cocktail party. The theme was super heroes and our squadron decided to go in unison as Super Diamondbacks. We all ordered capes and got creative in our own ways. 

The last night of Badman week is the Badman Ball. I am always looking for a reason to dress up so you can imagine how excited I was to go! My husband didn't look half bad himself…

I can't believe another month has come and gone. We have made so many incredible memories already and even though deployment is less then a month away, we will continue to make more! I would be crazy to say I'm not a bit anxious about Will leaving, but he continues to remind me to live in the moment and not think about all of that quite yet. (Way easier said then done!)

We miss you all SO much and love that we can feel connected to you through this blog. I promise to keep you updated as best I can even though there will be a lot of emotions going on here the next few weeks. Pray for us as we approach this huge change in our lives! 


Caroline and Will