Sunday, January 4, 2015

2014…Thats a Wrap!

Will and I headed back to Virginia Beach on Sunday, December 28. At this point we had plane tickets booked for New Years Eve but we were trying to get this changed so we could be at our house for the movers that were scheduled to come that same day. Jesus was watching out for us big time because last minute we got our tickets changed for Friday, January 2. I know that doesn't sound like a huge difference but this gave us an extra day in between moving and leaving that we were so grateful for. 

My sweet parents drove up on Wednesday to be with us before we left. The first night, we brought in the New Year at a hotel since we had zero furniture in our house. Let me rephrase that…I brought in the new year alone as my parents were asleep in the other room and Will was passed out starting at 10:30pm. Needless to say we were all physically and emotionally drained.

The next day we got some brunch at our favorite place called Hair of the Dog. Our sweet friends Anna and Jordan let us stay at their house that night so we didn't have to be in a hotel again. Jordan is deployed and Anna was home in Illinois visiting her family so sadly we weren't able to see them, but being able to spread out and sleep in a comfortable bed was just what we needed before flying out the next morning. We have the greatest friends…thank you Anna and Jordan we love you!

Mom and I tried to avoid eye contact most the night knowing we were ticking time bombs about to burst into tears at any moment. We all went to bed around 11pm and the dreaded alarm went of at 3:30am…

The car was packed and 4am came really fast. Mom and I couldn't hold it back any longer. 
Cue the tears.
Saying goodbye to parents is never easy no matter what the reason, but I am biased and feel that my parents (including my in-laws who I love dearly) are the best and being without them is going to be so hard. Having my parents there the last few days was so comforting and in a way made it slightly easier to be leaving…emphasis on the slightly. 

Love and miss you dad!

And just like that, it was time to head to the airport. Thank you mom and dad for being with us the last few days in America! We enjoyed every second and we know how blessed we are to have y'all! Love you SO much!

Tokyo…we're coming for you! 

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